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How Travel Affects the Brain

February 5, 2020 by admin

How Travel Affects the Brain

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For most of us, there is a point in our lives when we get hit with the travel bug. Dreaming of visiting a gorgeous destination that seems worlds away, with new experiences and sights beyond our own imagination is sure to inspire anyone, especially with internet access to see the amazing photos shared around social media, and the information filled articles on travel blogs telling us about all of the amazing things we can do and see in the big wide world.

Increases Creativity

The way that creativity is influenced in the brain is actually quite interesting – it has a lot to do with being faced with new situations, circumstances, and surroundings that your brain and body are required to adapt to. The more that you’re required to change in order to fit into a new environment or overcome a new problem, and then the more the creative chamber of the brain is capable to develop. So if you’re solving clues, looking for new places, or even if you’re just lost – your brain starts to work to develop new connections, increasing cognitive flexibility, and depth of thought. This then carries forward with all future conditions, continually developing even deep into adulthood.

Increases Your Willingness to Try New Things

There will be some places that you travel where you will have no choice but to step outside of your comfort zone. Whether it’s a country that doesn’t supply westernized food, or somewhere that hasn’t quite updated their modes of transport – if you want to eat, get somewhere or buy something, you might have to take part in some new methods such as bartering.

There are also some experiences that you plainly won’t want to miss out on, even if they’re something you wouldn’t usually try at home such as certain animal experiences, adrenaline experiences like bungee jumping or again, foods. Once you start to see how these new experiences positively impact your mood and trip, you’ll be more likely to try new things in your everyday life, too.

Decrease Stress (and even depression!)

There are a few scientifically proven reasons why travel can decrease stress, alongside symptoms of depression and anxiety. The obvious reasons we can give to start with include the simplicity of escaping everyday life. Without the usual work and daily life stresses, worry can start to melt away – especially when all you have to focus on is the beautiful world in front of you! However, when science comes into play, it actually gets a lot more interesting. Fresh air and exercise have long been proven to help fight stress and symptoms of mental illnesses that reason sadness, with studies showing the area of the brain that regulates these feelings changing when monitored during physical activity.

Builds Your Faith in Humanity

Let’s be honest, this is something we all need from time to time. Traveling to different parts of the world and seeing how humans work together to adapt and overcome so many diverse conditions, as well as how friendly and helpful people are universally is sure to help you gain some faith and trust in the world around you, and all of your fellow mankind.

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