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Tips to Keep Your Anger Under Control

July 4, 2019 by admin

Tips to Keep Your Anger Under Control

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Anger is an ordinary, healthy emotion. But it’s harmful when it shoots up all the time or goes out of control. Constant, volatile anger has grave consequences for your personal relations, work associations, health, and mental state. The good news is that keeping anger under control is simpler than you think.

But while anger might be inevitable, the way you express it isn’t. Letting anger take control and boil over isn’t a smart idea. The truth is, losing control generally causes far more harm than good.

1: Step away for a moment

Anger can be hard to control when it first bubbles up. If you have a tendency to explode, excusing yourself for a moment is the best approach. Then, take 5 to 10 deep breaths to relax before returning. People may wonder why you walked away, but it’s a lot better than saying something you’d regret later.

2: Understand your anger

Being rational and feeling angry rarely go hand in hand, but take a moment to think about why you feel anger. Sometimes it’s because of the way you see a condition and not a problem with someone else. In fact, the other person may not be trying to anger or insult you at all. It might just seem that way.

 3: Find humor in the situation

If you’re working yourself into a fury, try to shift your thoughts to something funny. Nothing can calm a crisis like humor. It might just put the condition into perspective and help you realize that it’s not that big a deal.

4:Take a Time to Think

It is easy to blurt out the first thing that comes in your mind in the height of your situation. Unfortunately, these may result in harsh words being said and feelings getting hurt. When you recognize that a situation is starting to make you angry, take a moment to collect your thoughts before speaking.

A few deep breaths can help you calm down and think rationally in the heat of the situation. Sometimes being aware of your own breathing can help you focus. Moreover, there are some great breathing techniques that can specifically help you calm down

5: Search for healthier ways to communicate your anger

If you’re certain that the condition is worth getting angry on and there’s anything you can do to make it better, the solution is to put across your feelings in a healthy way. When communicated considerately and channeled well, anger can be a wonderful source of energy and motivation for change.

 6: Never hit your children in anger—or at all

Put your hands in your pockets if you feel the urge. Model the kind of behavior you’d like to see. Hitting your child will teach him or her that might makes right and that violence is the way to solve conflicts. It will encourage fighting and other aggressive behavior. Telling your child calmly what you want to do and use specific directions. Showing him that you can control your temper will help your child learn how to control his.

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