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Three Ways to Manage Your Next Anxiety Attack

March 14, 2018 by admin

Three Ways to Manage Your Next Anxiety Attack(Best psychiatrist in Bhopal)



Anxiety attacks are obnoxious, unsettling, and an event most of us will likely experience to some degree at one point or another. While we all have unusual tolerances for anxiety, stress, and what triggers these feelings, our human “Fight or Flight” programming is universal. An anxiety attack is fundamentally the body’s neurological system preparing to respond to a stressor, real or perceived.

Why can anxiety attacks feel so awful?

The body’s Fight or Flight system arrange us to face a threat by activating certain physiological processes that can be uncomfortable. The sympathetic nervous system unleashes a flood of hormones and other naturally occurring substances that can result in enlarged heart rate, sweat, faster breathing, and even stomach upset as the body directs its resources to a heightened state of physiological and psychological activation.

How to cope with anxiety attacks

There are some actually helpful things you can do to cope with anxiety or panic attacks. Coping skills to help with anxiety attacks address the feelings from both psychological and physiological perspectives. You may find that a combination of coping skills works best, or maybe one or two are specifically helpful for your personal experience of anxiety.

  1. It’s not mind over matter, but what you mind matters. A LOT.

Yes, our brains are wired to think, and when we’re anxious about something we often reflexively over think about it in an attempt to focus our problem-solving skills on Finding the Answer. Continuing to think about a problem or something that is upsetting is akin to watching a horror movie on repeat.

  1. You don’t have to “stop” thinking about things that make you anxious to get relief

You’re absolutely right … you may not be capable to “stop” anxious thoughts from popping into your head as without difficulty as you can turn the TV channel away from a horror movie. In fact, if you could do that, it would probably mean something was wrong. Our brains are designed to think. What you can do is actively focus your attention and all that brain power on something else that is soothing or neutral.

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