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Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

July 5, 2018 by admin

Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

Having problems with sex can crash your life in a big way, and generally not a good way. Not only will it generate tensions and problems in your intimate relationship with your partner, but you will be missing significant physical pleasure and enjoyment. Sexual pleasure gives humans with a release and helps create a deeply intimate connection. Difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection robs you and your partner of that. If you are having problems with impotence, sex counseling can help you. If you’ve already seen your doctor and ruled out medical problems, seek counseling from a trained psychotherapist who can present various treatment options.

Why are you having problems with your erections?

There are many potential reason and reactions, such as unresolved stress, performance anxiety, sexual trauma, poor self-esteem, fears around intimacy, control and closeness, guilt, or unprocessed internal issues. Delaying treatment could lead to enlarged anxiety and depression. Psychotherapy methods can help you develop confidence in getting and maintaining an erection, and create a more relaxed, fund and intimate bedroom atmosphere.

How long will treatment take?

The road to sexual health and wellness can’t be scheduled but most people experience a difference rapidly. Learning to overcome anxiety and relax can take time, depending on the reason and severity of your anxiety. Rest assured that our skills and experience will have you working toward improvement as soon as possible. We understand that this is significant for you and your partner and our psychotherapists will work to help you reach your goals without making you feel embarrassed or ashamed.

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