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Is mental illness treatable?

January 10, 2018 by admin

Is mental illness treatable?(Best psychiatrist in Bhopal)

Yes, mental illness can be treated. This means that many people who have a mental illness, and are treated, recover well or even totally. However, because there are many different factors contributing to the development of each illness, it can sometimes be hard to predict how, when, or to what degree someone is going to get better.

What does being diagnosed mean?

When you or someone you know starts to feel mentally ill, the first step in obtaining treatment is to see a doctor or other health professional for diagnosis. After a thorough assessment, a doctor can make a diagnosis based on a particular pattern of symptoms. A decision can then be made about the best treatment for these sign and their underlying reason.

What does treatment really mean?

Treatment means all the different ways in which someone with a mental illness can get help to minimize the effects of the illness and promote improvement.

It can involve psychological therapy, medication, and a variety of supports in the community, as well as people with the mental illness helping them.


Psychological therapy

A doctor, psychologist or other health professional talks with the person about their indication and concerns, and discusses new ways of thinking about and managing them.


Some people are helped by taking medicine for a while; others may need it on an ongoing basis. The doctor should explain the benefits and possible side-effects of medication before it is prescribed. Medical research shows that many mental sicknesses are associated with changes in our brain chemistry. Medications help the brain to restore its usual chemical balance, so that the symptoms are reduced or even eliminated.

Community support programs

Support programs are mainly important for people with recurrent symptoms or who have a psychiatric disability. This support may include information, accommodation; help with finding suitable work, training and education, psychosocial rehabilitation and mutual support groups. Understanding and acceptance by the community is also very essential.

Where are people treated?

These days, clinical treatment usually takes place in the community rather than in a hospital. Anyone who has been diagnosed with a mental illness which needs treatment should be capable to receive a range of clinical services in their own community. If necessary, ongoing support can be provided by a community mental health service clinic, where there are a range of mental health professionals.

How can people help themselves?

There are lots of things that people with a mental illness can do for themselves, to help recover a balanced life. Healthy eating, getting plenty of sleep, and regular physical activity are all important to good mental health. Learning skills which help deal with stress, feeling down, relationships or the indication of the illness, are also ways in which someone with a mental illness can look after themselves

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