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How to Stop a Panic Attack

January 4, 2019 by admin

How to Stop a Panic Attack (#Best Psychiatrist in Bhopal)

Research has found that almost everyone will experience an anxiety (panic) attack at least once during his/her life. People who act more anxiously than normal often experience many anxiety attacks. Some anxious people, approximately 3 percent of the common population, develop panic attack disorder (PAD) – when panic attacks become problematic and interfere with a normal lifestyle.

An anxiety attack is a high degree stress response activated by either overly apprehensive behaviour (worrying/fearing something really bad may occur) or by the involuntary action of an overly stressed body.

In other words, anxiety attacks have two main causes:

Voluntary anxiety attacks: When we worry something really bad may occur and the body responds with a high degree stress response.

Involuntary anxiety attacks: When the body activates a high degree stress response due to persistently elevated stress.

Based on the above, here are 4 Top Ways to Stop Anxiety Attacks:

  1. Understand the anatomy of an anxiety attack (understanding the physiological, psychological, and emotional modules that contribute to anxiety attacks). – When you understand what anxiety attacks are; what reasons them; how the body responds – the many physiological, psychological, and emotional changes that can happen and why; the many stages of the stress response; and how stress affects the body; anxiety attacks are no longer mysteries that have the potential to scare you.


  1. Stop scaring yourself – As we mentioned above, anxiety attacks are generally caused by being afraid. So being afraid of anxiety attacks is one of the most mutual reasons why anxiety attacks sustain and why people develop Panic Attack Disorder. Since fear is the most common reason why anxiety attacks occur and persist, refusing to scare yourself removes the main reason anxiety attacks happen.


  1. Calm yourself down – Similar to point two, calming yourself down shuts off the mechanism that reasons anxiety attacks. Calming yourself down ends the stress response. Then it’s just a matter of time until the body uses up or expels the remaining stress hormones.


  1. Relaxed diaphragmatic breathing – Slow, relaxed, diaphragmatic breaths reason the body to trigger a natural tranquilizing effect. This tranquilizing effect counters the effects of the stress response. As you relax diaphragmatic breathe, your body will calm down, which again will end an anxiety attack.

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