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How Manic Depression Differs From Depression

October 22, 2018 by admin

How Manic Depression Differs From Depression | Best Psychiatrist in Bhopal

Manic depression is a long-term illness that generally starts before age 25. It affects about six million adults, but can also be seen in childhood. People with typical depression, or what’s called clinical or major depression, have a similar depressive sign, but they don’t experience the highs that people with manic depression have.

Manic Depression and Depression: Shared Symptoms

Symptoms of clinical depression and manic depression that are similar include:

  • Feeling sad for a long time
  • Crying for no reason
  • Feeling worthless
  • Having very little energy
  • Losing interest in pleasurable activities

Manic Depression and Depression: Different Symptoms

The “manic” symptoms of bipolar disorder that make it different from clinical depression include:

  • Feeling overly happy, excited, and, confident
  • Feeling irritable, aggressive, and “wired”
  • Making poor judgments
  • Engaging in risky behavior

Children or adolescents with manic depression may display hyperactive behavior. Teenagers are likely to engage in anti-social or risky behaviors involving sex, alcohol, or drugs. Unlike people with major depression, those with manic depression are less likely to be capable to go about their normal activities and are more likely to think about suicide.

Manic Depression: Bipolar Disorder Classifications

The low periods of manic depression are sometimes referred to as “unipolar depression.” The high periods are generally experienced less frequently than the low periods, and people are more likely to seek help to get out of a low period. Types of manic depression include:

Bipolar I disorder– This term refers to manic depression that holds high or mixed periods that last at least seven days or are extremely severe. These people generally have depressive periods that last about two weeks.

Bipolar II disorder- In this type of manic depression the person has depression, but the high periods are less extreme.

Cyclothymia disorder-This term refers to a form of manic depression in which both the high and the low mood swings are milder than in the other types of manic depression.

Manic Depression: Getting Help

It’s important for your doctor to make sure your symptoms are not caused by another medical situation. Other diseases and problems that are usually seen with manic depression include:

  • Thyroid disease
  • A headache
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes

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