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How to help someone with depression 

September 14, 2018 by admin

How to help someone with depression | Best Psychiatrist in Bhopal

Mental health can affect not only how we act in social condition, but how we deal with life stresses, relate to others, and the choices that we make. Being mentally well make possible us to live our lives to the fullest, feel good about ourselves, make good life choices and have healthy and satisfying relationships with others, so you can see how important it is.

What reason Depression?

The reason of depression is composite and there is no one simple answer. It can happen as a result of any combination of factors, and it’s not always possible to identify the reason. However, depression often happens after persistent long term stress which can be triggered by an event, or by a combination of life events.

Long term complexity in life can contain finding it hard to find a job, being unemployed for a period of time, prolonged stress at work or at home, mental abuse, physical abuse, and long periods of loneliness.

It is also thought that depression can be caused by an imbalance of chemicals in the brain, though there are a variety of factors at play like vulnerability, medical issues, and life circumstances.

Personal factors can also add to depression, and can range from being predisposed to depression, drink and drugs, chronic illness, giving birth, and being overly negative and critical may also contribute.

Depression Symptoms:

  • You may have seen those drinking more or taking drugs
  • They may have gained or lost weight
  • There are some general signs of depression that you may have already noticed in your friend:
  • They may seem withdrawn, and show no interest in doing things they once enjoyed
  • They may be struggling to complete tasks at work
  • You may have noticed them finding it difficult to concentrate

Advice for Helping a Friend with Depression

  • Be patient
  • Be available to talk to and be supportive
  • Don’t judge or shame them
  • Learn more about depression
  • Listen
  • Be compassionate
  • Don’t offer advice
  • Help them to feel understood
  • Ask how you can support them
  • Maintain a caring relationship
  • Stay connected

What Treatment is Available for Depression?

Antidepressants: There are many different types of antidepressants, usually prescribed ones. They work to control the ‘feel good’ chemicals in the brain by keeping the serotonin in your system for longer. However, results vary from person to person, and antidepressants often have better, longer-lasting results when combined with psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy: There are different types of talking therapies which include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Used to identify unhelpful behavior patterns and release negative feelings, CBT can really benefit patients. Talking therapies can help patients to build positive strategies. Unfortunately, there are still a percentage of people who do not respond to antidepressants or talking therapies.


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