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Four Steps to Taking Control and Combating Blank Brain

December 28, 2019 by admin

Four Steps to Taking Control and Combating Blank Brain

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In order to combat a blank brain, five critical areas need to be addressed. Being proactive can help reduce the fears, frustration, and lack of control this phenomenon can reason in your life.

  1. Don’t Take Yourself so Seriously
  • Read a sample of your favorite work or view a video of your best presentation to remind yourself how productive you have been and can be again; you are the same person with the same skills.
  • Re-adjust your expectations about producing; temporarily reset your goals.
  • Laugh at yourself when you fumble or forget what to say; play it off with a confident demeanor and move on.
  1. Understand How the Brain Works
  • Short-term memory, long-term memory, and attentiveness determine your capability to retain, recall, and retrieve information; it’s not your fault.
  • Accept that the brain at times can go on overload and wants a break; even computers crash so why not the complex human brain.
  • The brain has the capacity to store an infinite amount of information but cannot always retrieve it immediately.
  1. Know Your Stuff
  • If you familiarize yourself with your topic, know what you’re talking about, do your research, and strive to become an expert, you are less likely to flub or go blank. Develop a niche.
  • Expand your experiences and social circles to raise exposure to more encounters from which you can draw more ideas. Sitting at home without regular social interaction and involvement will not lend itself to fresh ideas coming into your head.
  1. Know Yourself

Be aware and honest with yourself about personal issues, losses, elevated stress levels, or unresolved traumas that might be getting in the way of your capacity to function optimally. Self-care, breaks, regular support, and healthy outlets are essential for sustained productivity and performance.


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