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Eleven Types of Anxiety Disorders: What Are They?

April 10, 2019 by admin

Eleven Types of Anxiety Disorders: What Are They?

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Separation anxiety disorder: Being overly fearful of separating from connection figures (e.g., one’s parents).

Selective mutism: Failing to speak in some condition though capable of speaking in others.

Specific phobia: Being excessively fearful of certain objects or situations (e.g., animals, blood, etc).

Social phobia: Being overly fearful of interacting with others in social condition.

Panic disorder: Experiencing unexpected panic attacks and as a result constantly worrying about the occurrence of more attacks in the future.

Agoraphobia: Being excessively fearful of a certain condition (e.g., crowds), worrying that, should a panic attack or other similar distressing events occur, escape will be difficult.

Generalized anxiety disorder: Being overly anxious in a variety of domains (e.g., personal relationships, work, school).

Substance/medication-induced anxiety disorder: Intense anxiety that results from substance withdrawal or medication use.

Anxiety disorder due to another medical condition: Here the anxiety sign is the physiological consequence of a medical situation (e.g., an overactive thyroid).

Other specified anxiety disorder: This is a category for anxiety symptoms that do not meet the full criteria for any of the above disorders.

Unspecified anxiety disorder: Same as above, but this category is used in cases that the health supplier cannot (or chooses not to) specify the reason the full criteria are not met.

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