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How to Deal With the Stress of Being Jobless during Covid.

November 20, 2020 by admin

How to Deal With the Stress of Being Jobless during Covid.

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The stress of unemployment can take a serious toll on your well-being under any circumstance. But during the coronavirus pandemic, your stress levels may be even higher than normal.

With our current situation and the state of the global economy, there is a much lower chance of landing a new job anytime soon. And it’s unclear when social distancing measures will end or what shape the economy will be in when you are able to return to work.

The Link Between Unemployment and Mental Health

Unemployment has been linked to a greater risk of depression, anxiety, suicide, substance abuse, and violence.

Here are several reasons why not having a job can take a serious toll on your psychological well-being:

Difficulty paying for basic necessities: Reduced income makes it problematic to purchase food and pay for housing. The associated stress makes it difficult to stay mentally healthy.

Lack of purpose: Not contributing to society and not bringing home any income to support the family can leave some people feeling as though their lives lack meaning and purpose.

Reduced social interaction: Not having a job can mean less social interaction, which takes a direct toll on mood and well-being.

Tackle the Problem       

It’s essential to take action that will help solve your problems when you’re unemployed, such as looking for resources that help you manage your financial strain and looking for employment.

This action might include things such as:

Apply for unemployment: Filing for unemployment may reduce your financial strain.

Look for new job opportunities: Whether you search for a new full-time job, or you look for ways to make money, actively searching for work can help you feel better.

Create a budget: Creating a budget can help you gain a better sense of control over your financial condition.

Manage your payments: Explaining your situation to your credit card company, mortgage lender, and other financial institutions may help lower your payments. Financial institutions may also grant you more time to pay your bills.

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