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How Can Exercise Help Bipolar Disorder?

August 22, 2018 by admin

How Can Exercise Help Bipolar Disorder?

Exercise and mood challenges of bipolar disorder

For most people, exercise can have a positive effect on their mood. When you exercise, your body frees endorphins, which are known as the brain’s “feel-good” chemicals. Over time, higher levels of endorphins can make you feel better. This is why exercise is often suggested for people with depression. Exercise can also help you combat stress.

Exercise and bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder is a mental health situation that can cause low, depressive moods and high, manic moods. While most people have mild mood swings from time to time, for people with bipolar disorder, these mood swings can be extreme and unpredictable.

Health risks of bipolar disorder

  • obesity
  • stroke
  • heart disease
  • type 2 diabetes

Weight gain from bipolar medications

As noted above, obesity can be a problem for people with bipolar disorder. In some of these cases, the weight gain could be cause by use of certain bipolar medications. The medications may reason metabolic changes that stop your body from burning calories as efficiently as it did before. Or the drugs could simply enlarge your appetite.

The following types of medications can potentially cause weight gain:

  • antidepressants
  • antipsychotics
  • antidepressant-antipsychotic combinations
  • mood stabilizers

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