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4 Ways to Stay Mentally Strong When You Hate Your Job

January 17, 2020 by admin

4 Ways to Stay Mentally Strong When You Hate Your Job

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There’s no way to sugarcoat it—you hate your job. Your stomach is in knots every single Sunday night. Your walk into the office often feels like you’re trudging through cement. And, a sledgehammer seems like the only suitable way to silence your alarm clock each weekday morning—at least you’d be capable to get some of that pent-up aggression and hostility out.

It’s no surprise that being at a job you hate can drain you of mental strength. But, you can take steps to stay as strong as you can even when you find yourself in tough circumstances.

Establish healthy boundaries-

If you’re growing resentful of a co-worker who monopolizes your time or you’re getting angry with someone who tries to take credit for your work, it’s a sign that your boundaries have been violated.

Focus on the things you can control-

Although you might be tempted to perseverate on the fact that your boss is a jerk or that your company has ridiculous policies, don’t waste your precious energy on things you can’t control. Focus on controlling how you respond to the people and the circumstances you find yourself in.

Only complain to people who can help-

Commiserating with your co-workers for a few minutes might feel good for a minute, but complaining to people who can’t do anything to fix the condition could do more harm than good. Rehashing a hard experience with a co-worker causes it to stick in your mind even longer.

If you need help dealing with someone, go to a supervisor or HR. Talk to someone who can help address the issue if necessary.

Get plenty of sleep and exercise-

If you’re mistreated by your colleagues or your boss, research says you’re more likely to mistreat your loved ones when you arrive home.

The best way to avoid taking out your frustrations on your family is to get plenty of sleep and exercise. Individuals who were physically active and who got the most sleep were less likely to mistreat their families after being mistreated by a difficult co-worker.

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