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4 Tips to Help You Quit Your Cell Phone Addiction

October 2, 2019 by admin

4 Tips to Help You Quit Your Cell Phone Addiction

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Cell phone addiction may not be properly recognized, but for many people, the thought of not having their cell phone is impossible. As we become more and more dependent on cell phones to connect with others, organize our time, and track down information, it can seem hard to cope without it.

For many people, looking at their cell phones had become a new way of navigating the social complexities of modern life. It has become a way of avoiding the uncomfortable conditions, as we pick up our phone to avoid unwanted attention from others, a way of meeting potential partners, thought sites like Tinder, and a way of getting constant validation by posting online and seeking “likes.”

How to Quit Your Cell Phone Addiction and Be More Present

Choose Real over Virtual Experiences

Make a conscious choice to have real rather than virtual experiences. Instead of checking the internet for information, head to the library and pick up a book. Instead of playing video games, join a team or a chess club. Get out seeing live entertainers, rather than viewing everything online.

You may like the ease and efficiency of doing everything from your cell phone, but this won’t provide you with the best or most meaningful experiences. This will improve your physical and mental health, and reduce addictive patterns of behavior.

Meet Face-to-Face

Whether for business or pleasure, arrange to meet in person rather than relying on the ease of texting or talking on the phone. Replace your cell phone with face to face communication.

If you have news and you know you could see a friend later in the day, resist texting or posting your news on Facebook. Wait until you see your friend, and then tell them your news verbally. This will prevent your verbal and social skills from deteriorating through the overuse of texting to communicate—a big problem for people with computer addiction.

Value the Empty Spaces in Your Day

One of the causes we become dependent on our cell phones is because it is so easy to take them out every time you have an empty space in your day.

An unfortunate consequence of this is that it can feel like a waste of time whenever you aren’t checking your emails when you aren’t engaged in another activity. Yet the empty spaces are important for being comfortable with yourself, and the procedure of just being, which is an essential part of mental wellness. Practicing mindfulness can help.

Set Your Own Limits

Instead of automatically thinking you should have your cell phone to hand at all times, set limits around when you will or will not look at it.

Deliberately leave it out of reach when you would really rather focus on some other part of your experience. You can always return calls or reply to emails later.

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