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4 Myths About Adult ADHD

September 21, 2018 by admin

4 Myths About Adult ADHD (Best Psychiatrist in Bhopal)

1: ADHD Is Just another Name for Bad Parenting

We frequently associate ADHD with undisciplined children who are fidgety, ill-mannered and show an inability to listen or to do as they are told. They refuse to concentrate on simple tasks. Often it is plainly considered to be just a case of bad parenting.

Fact: ADHD is a composite disorder of the brain’s management system and exhibits sign of inattention, hyperactivity, impulsivity and significantly interferes with functioning and development.

People suffering with ADHD exhibit impairment in focus, organization, motivation, emotional modulation and memory. ADHD is essentially problem of the chemistry which controls the brains’ management system.

2: Only Children Suffer From ADHD

People suffer from ADHD throughout their lives. It is a natural misunderstanding that only children suffer from ADHD because we first notice the sign of ADHD in children. At first most people consider ADHD to be a problem of children who simply refuse to sit still and are unwilling to listen but as awareness of ADHD has enlarged within community’s acceptance of ADHD as an illness is now all but universal, but we still feel it is something that affects only children.  Management strategies and medication are designed to restore function and social behavior and as a result of successful treatment symptoms became less obvious so we tend not see ADHD as an illness afflicting adults.

3: Only Males Suffer ADHD

Again this belief stems from the times that we first recognize the symptoms of ADHD and while it may be true that boys are twice as likely to be diagnosed with ADHD ,girls are just as likely to suffer from ADHD.

Fact: The medical incidence of ADHD is equal among males and females.

This leads us to the conclusion that females are more likely to suffer with undiagnosed ADHD. Left undiagnosed, ADHD can have a devastating impairment affect on adult mental health. The cause for non-diagnosis of ADHD can stem from a range of factors, including gender specific behavior norms, severity of presented sign and socioeconomic considerations.

4: ADHD Medications Are Addictive

Medical treatments for ADHD are well researched and efficient. Appropriate treatment of ADHD is stimulants which help to get better the functionality of an underactive brain management system.

There is a usually held belief that long term use of ADHD stimulant medications will lead to addiction, substance abuse or other health problems.

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