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3 Proven Ways to Help Improve Happiness

October 1, 2018 by admin

3 Proven Ways to Help Improve Happiness| Best Psychiatrist in Bhopal

  1. Be Kind to Yourself

I know that at times we can be our own worst critics, just as there are times when real self evaluation is significant. But it is important to recognize how negative self talk impacts on our wellbeing. When we are down, our thoughts usually gravitate towards thoughts that are unkind towards ourselves and we all know how detrimental that can be to our state of happiness.

What we don’t want is to develop an endless cycle of down, we also need some up thoughts to balance things out. Practice positive internal dialogue. Stop any negative or violent self talk as soon as they start.

It is significant to maintain a healthy kindness balance by directly changing negative internal dialogue to positive internal dialogue. Pay attention to your internal tone and catch yourself at the beginning of unkind thoughts and reframe them as positive thoughts.

  1. Be Kind to Others

Many of us have perfected sarcasm to an art form and for most of us there have been times when we found the need to manipulate others to achieve particular outcomes. It is part of human nature but it is significant to recognize that this behavior can easily become toxic for relationships and toxic for our own happiness.

It is important to practice noticing when we being too negative and unkind toward others. Again internal dialogue is an important source for identifying the impetus of toxic behavior towards others and a change of position is required. It will have a positive impact on relationships, but also recover your relationship with yourself.

  1. Be Happy For Others

When we see others being happy, successful or trying change for the better is happy for them. In your mind, congratulate them recognize that they a being proactive smile with them.

The old adage of ‘if you want to be happier, surround yourself with happy people ‘really does work. If we share in their happiness.

Practice positive internal dialogues when you notice happiness around you.

  • When you see someone jogging feel good for them that they are being proactive with their health.
  • When you notice someone is changing their diet to Paleo, Gluten Free or Vegan, acknowledge that they trying to change because they want to feel better.
  • When someone has had a major success in work, business or personal relationship, smile and enjoy their success.



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